Podcasting for Business at PodCamp UK

Participating in PodCamp UK this past weekend was a terrific experience.

From arriving early Saturday afternoon until departing late Sunday afternoon, PodCamp UK presented an entertaining, enlightening and eventful time, to quote John Buckley who summarizes the spirit of podcamp very well.

My mind’s still buzzing with the ideas I heard and the conversations I had throughout the weekend. It’s also buzzing with some of the questions many people had about my specific area of interest – podcasting for business.

podcastingforbusinessOn Sunday morning, I led a session on podcasting for business. Rather than just make the PowerPoint I used available, I decided to create a little audio-visual programme of the presentation itself – the PPT with a commentary.

So I created this 21-minute video show using Camtasia Studio 4 which I installed this morning, using the microphone of my Logitech webcam for recording the audio. I have this great software tool thanks to TechSmith, one of the PodCamp UK sponsors, via Phil Campbell. (I’ll have more to say about Camtasia Studio in a later post.)

There is one blooper (at least) in this video, by the way. Easy to spot! I’ll improve as I do more of these.

My session included a section on strategizing a podcast for business. I based that segment entirely on the section with a similar name that’s in How to Do Everything With Podcasting, the book co-authored by Shel and I and published in June by McGraw-Hill (see companion website).

Some would call this a screencast. Whatever you want to call it, I hope you find it useful. Let me know your thoughts. And if you’d like the actual PowerPoint, just ask.

When you click through to the screencast page from the image above, you’ll see options where you can download a version of the video for the iPod plus an MP3 of the audio commentary.

More later about PodCamp UK. Meanwhile, see what others are posting via the Technorati tag (below). Also check out the tagged photos at Flickr.

[Later] Shel and I discussed PodCamp UK in today’s FIR #272.

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