Starting up at PodCamp UK

Arrived in Birmingham, checked in to the hotel (Aston University Business School: impressive), made it to the NTI and here I am, at PodCamp UK.

First outing with the Sony Vaio laptop. First time on a “foreign” wifi network, too, one that requires proxies and all sorts of settings changes. Very easy to set up with Windows Vista. Wonder what I’ll need to fix when back at home on the network there.

Also for the first time, running the Vaio on its battery. Power set to stamina mode. It’s been running about an hour so far; battery meter says it can run for another 2 hours and 50 minutes. Not bad if it does work out like that.

Chatted to a few people so far. John Buckley, Paul Nicholls, Neil Dixon, Dean Whitbread, Lloyd Davis. Met Anna Farmery for the first time. Got the PodCamp T-shirt! The only reason to come of course :)

About 60 here so far, according to John. More expected later (in time for this evening’s party, no doubt) and more tomorrow.

So, more later.

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