Troubleshooting WLW

wptshirtSuddenly encountering difficulties publishing a post from Windows Live Writer where the post contains an image.

Troubleshooting with Joe Cheng at Microsoft.

This is a test post to see if it now works if I disable the Bad Behaviour plugin and try again to publish a post containing an image.

I did already apply the BB fix after learning of an issue with that plugin, WP and WLW.

So here’s a pic of me in my brand new WordPress T-shirt which arrived the other day (bought from WP’s new international store).

Does this work?

[Later Edit] Yes it did. Interesting. Ok, on with troubleshooting…

Neville Hobson

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  1. neville

    Thanks Kevin. It’s weird as all was working fine up till today. The only change from yesterday is that Windows Update installed a couple of updates this morning. Joe Cheng doubts it’s that, though!

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