Not a good day for relying on technology

From my Twitter stream this morning:

  • 09:31 Amazing what a good night’s sleep can do. Feeling pretty refreshed this morning. So, good morning all!
  • 09:32 Uh-oh, DreamHost’s problems continue. All my sites down. Email not working.
  • 09:58 Skype still not working.
  • 10:05 No blogs. No Skype. Some email. Sometimes Twitter. Is this the End of Civilization as We Know It?
  • 10:31 @LloydDavis, I’ll be off to the pub, then. With wifi’d laptop of course. Just in case ;)
  • 10:32 Very good post by David Berlind in ZDNet: Get ready for Twitterization of mainstream media.
  • 10:33 Skype is up!
  • 10:34 Oh, Skype is down again. Spoke too soon.
  • 10:37 DreamHost network problems seem serious. Sites still down (incl their status site). At least I can get in to my sites via FTP.
  • 10:47 @karinhoegh, Skype is coming and going at the moment. Right now, it’s gone.
  • 10:49 So back to work editing audio for another podcast. Skype and my blog will have to get along without me for a while :)
  • 10:57 DreamHost has special support email for customers re current outage. Just got auto-reply that my report received.
  • 11:44 Ah ha! Email via my own domain is now coming in. Looks like DreamHost is on the case!
  • 11:44 And the blog is up! Will it stay up? Better not speak too soon.
  • 11:58 Looks like my Dreamhost-hosted sites were inaccessible earlier for a total of nearly 4 hours, according to stats logs.

Skype is up, as is this blog.

Hopefully it will last.

[Later edit] List re-ordered to be chronological not reverse chronological which made little sense when reading it chronologically :)