MyRagan TV: YouTube for communicators

MyRagan TVChicago-based Ragan Communications have launched the latest development of their social networking presence for communicators – MyRagan TV.

A complementary integrated part of, the new offering enables anyone who’s already signed up for MyRagan to use the free service.

An overnight email from Ragan announcing the service described it thus:

If MyRagan is the Facebook for corporate communications, then MyRaganTV is the YouTube of the profession

Nice analogy, perhaps reflecting Ragan’s overall ambitions in the long term.

MyRagan TV is very easy to use, just like YouTube, which I think will be a big encouragement to communicators who have yet to put a toe in the social media water.

All you need is a webcam to record your video with audio. Uploading to the Ragan site is simplicity itself. Indeed, just like YouTube.

And, just like YouTube, you can embed videos elsewhere such as in a blog. Just as I’ve done, below.

Congratulations, Ragan. Nice move.

[Disclosure: Ragan Communications is a sponsor of For Immediate Release, the podcast I co-host with Shel Holtz. In addition, I participate as a speaker in some events Ragan organizes. I’m mentioning these facts purely in the interests of transparency – they have no bearing on anything I write in this blog about Ragan.]

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  1. Simon Taylor

    YouTube is blocked in Thailand by government censors, so for communicators in Bangkok this will be a useful service.

  2. Dave Briggs

    This is an interesting one for me, because I’m still unsure about whether the best thing for online community building is to create new platforms, or just let people use the stuff that’s already out there.

    What are the advantages of using MyRaganTV – and are they really sufficient to make the whole thing worthwhile?

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