PodCamp UK in Second Life

Just taken a flying visit (literally) to the venue in Second Life where you can visit PodCamp UK this weekend. Make a note – http://slurl.com/secondlife/Booville%202/67/171/29 About 120 people now signed up to be at the event in the real world, at the NTI in Birmingham. I’ll be there from about lunchtime on Saturday. See you there, RW or SL! [Technorati: podcampuk]

Social networking license agreement

Charging the provider of a social network an activation fee’ for joining? Requesting payment from the developers for ‘accepted friends requests’? How about an ‘early termination’ fee as compensation if the social network folds within a year? Or an ‘annual renewal’ fee if they don’t, just for the hell of it? Heh! Why not?

The Hobson & Holtz Report – Podcast #271: August 30, 2007

Content summary: Dan York reports on the joys of IT self support, video and Facebook application development; the Media Monitoring Minute with CustomScoop; report: half of Americans visit blogs regularly; the TUC calls for workplace guidelines for Facebook; DMOZ needs to die; verification of identity coming to Second Life; Hewlett-Packard’s CGM printer campaign; HSBC bows to student Facebook pressure over bank charges; PodCamp UK this weekend; listeners’ comments discussion; FIR featured in Podfinder UK; the music; and more. [Messages from…

Unions call for workplace guidelines for Facebook

The TUC, the organization representing trade unions in the UK, adds its voice to the big debate on what to do about Facebook and employee use. In a practical approach to an issue that some companies see as a problem that can be solved only by banning it from the workplace, the TUC says that’s not the best approach: […] In guidance available on workSMART, its working life website, the TUC advises employers that they should have in place policies…

Troubleshooting WLW

Suddenly encountering difficulties publishing a post from Windows Live Writer where the post contains an image. Troubleshooting with Joe Cheng at Microsoft. This is a test post to see if it now works if I disable the Bad Behaviour plugin and try again to publish a post containing an image. I did already apply the BB fix after learning of an issue with that plugin, WP and WLW. So here’s a pic of me in my brand new WordPress T-shirt which…