NewsGator RSS reader for iPhone works on other mobile phones

Now this is useful – a free RSS reader for your mobile phone from NewsGator.

What makes it especially interesting is that it’s been released specifically for the iPhone – it’s called NewsGator Mobile for iPhone – but works on any mobile device.

Well, it works brilliantly on my Nokia N73 which is about as far from an iPhone as you can imagine.

Try it from your mobile phone –

Earlier this month, I wondered whether a paid subscription with NewsGator Online (NGO) was worth continuing or not as my preferred RSS reader is FeedDemon. Both synchronize together but I just don’t use NGO (if I do use a web-based reader, it’s Google Reader).

In the end, I didn’t continue a paid subscription but I do have the free one.

I still don’t use NGO. But this mobile reader is great as it shows me on my phone all the feeds I subscribe to that are synchronized with FeedDemon.


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