Introducing FIR Cuts

An opportunity to hear what you won’t hear in the Hobson and Holtz Report.

Your “For Immediate Release” co-hosts go to great lengths to ensure the twice-weekly podcast comes in at around an hour; we know that most of our listeners can’t deal with shows running 15, 20, or even 30 minutes over that magical 60-minute mark.

(Update: Since April 2010, the Hobson and Holtz Report has been published weekly, with the show length up to 90 minutes.)

In order to accomplish this feat, we routinely excise items – mostly “One-Minute News” stories – and leave them on the virtual cutting room floor.

It occurred to us, though, that we’re leaving good stuff out of the show. So, in order to make sure it doesn’t go entirely to waste, we’ve decided to offer those deleted items as brief audio files called “FIR Cuts.”

We’ll post them to the show blog (and cross-post them to our own blogs); you can even subscribe to to “FIR Cuts” feed so you never miss any of them. (“FIR Cuts” will not be included in the “Everything” feed, so if you want to hear them, you need to subscribe to them separately.)

If you don’t see any “Cuts” for any given show, don’t worry; we actually do record episodes that don’t need any cutting.

We hope you enjoy hearing what was left out of our shows.

(Cross-posted from For Immediate Release, Shel’s and my podcast blog.)

Deciding what to cut is tricky as it’s all good content (we think). But the virtual scalpel has to be wielded at times; today’s FIR #261 was one of those times.

These two topics were the casualties (with links to each show note on the FIR site)

If you can’t wait, you can listen right now, below.

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