Viral marketing for new Triumph motorbike

British motorcycle maker Triumph has turned to viral marketing and social networking to promote its latest motorcycle, the Rocket III Classic, billed by Triumph as the world’s largest production motorbike.

At the heart of Triumph’s social media marketing is a video available on YouTube and posted to bike enthusiast websites.

The short video is well done, combining great doses of British humour with a highly unserious look at the manufacturing and testing process. It’s credible and believable that everyone in the video are actually Triumph employees.

As such, it’s not hard to see that this viral video could be one that gets a lot of people talking about it and sharing it via their social networks and other preferred communication channels.

If it then gains widespread popularity, that would help Triumph on the road to achieving their stated goal:

With the Rocket III viral we wanted to show the humorous side of Triumph, while also raising the profile of the Rocket III and highlighting key attributes of the bike in an entertaining way.

The video was posted to YouTube in early June and, so far, has notched up over 195,000 views, has just under 90 comments and just over 500 favorites. Not bad, but I’d say it has quite a way to go before any viral effect kicks in.

(Via BrandRepublic)