NewsGator or not

Everyone has their favourite RSS reader. Mine is FeedDemon for Windows.

I’ve been using FD since 2004 and have not switched to any other desktop app. I’ve simply not found anything better. Plus I like Nick Bradbury, the developer. We’ve never met but I feel as if I know Nick quite well from reading his blog over these years. Via RSS in FD, of course!

So it would take something extremely compelling to make me switch to something else.

In web-based RSS readers, it’s a different story.

One of the benefits I receive from using FD over the years is a business subscription to NewsGator Online, one of the major web-based RSS readers. I got my subscription free from being part of one of the FD beta testing programmes a few years ago.

In 2005, NewsGator acquired FeedDemon. One of the results from that was tight integration between NGO and FD. That means all your RSS subscriptions are synchronized between the two services – on your desktop and on the web.

Useful for when you need to access your subscriptions and you don’t have the computer handy where you have FD installed.

I’ve never really taken any advantage of that benefit because I don’t use NewsGator Online. It’s rare that I am away from base without my travelling laptop on which I have FD installed.

And, frankly, I find Google Reader a much better web-based RSS reader. If I ever need to use a web-based reader – such as demo-ing RSS in a presentation I’m making – that’s the one I use.

Which brings me to a question in my mind.

Today I received an email notification from NewsGator that my subscription to NGO is due for renewal in a week’s time. My inclination is to not renew it but to let it expire. Unless I’m missing a massive benefit of paying for a subscription, that’s what I’m going to do.

If you use NGO, what would you recommend? Should I cough up the cash and buy a subscription?

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