How to receive podcasts on your iPhone

IphoneNo sooner has the iPhone hit the streets across the United States than a smart podcaster has developed a way to iPhone-ify your blog or website so that, if you’re a podcaster, iPhone users can get your podcast on their iPhone.

Chris Penn of the Financial Aid Podcast is the man!

Chris has developed the Financial Aid Podcast Podcaster iPhone Kit and has released it under a Creative Commons license.

I’ve set up Chris’ kit on this blog so that when you visit here with your iPhone, you can get all the podcasts I publish here – FIR plus the occasional ones I do myself.

It’s quite simple:

This simple little web page parses your podcast’s XML feed and slaps it into a nice page designed to render well in Safari, which is the browser on which the iPhone operates. It also grabs your feed’s image and displays it as the icons.

See the demo page.

That’s one of the great things about podcasting and podcasters – some are smart people at the bleeding edge! Nice work, Chris.

(Via Donna Papacosta)

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