IABC conference gets underway

Iabcconf07Today the IABC 2007 international conference formally kicks off in New Orleans, USA, running through this Wednesday.

I couldn’t be there this year but I will be following the happenings at In Session, the official conference blog, and posts that might appear at the IABC Cafe. I’ll also be tracking blog posts via Technorati (although it’s a pity there’s no common tag for posts that everyone would use).

There’s also the IABC groups in MyRagan.com and the Melcrum Communicators’ Network.

If you’re a listener to FIR, you’ll find today’s show worthwhile (we’re recording later this afternoon UK time) as Shel is at the conference. He’ll also be podcasting there so expect to see those podcasts posted on the In Session blog.

If you’re not there, you do have plenty of ways to keep up with what’s going on.

Neville Hobson

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