Reflecting on experiences

It’s the final stage in a week of valuable learning experiences that’s taken me from Milan, Italy, to Detroit, USA, in the space of a few days, all to do with helping two global organizations get a clearer understanding about social media and how and where that fits into organizational communication.

Because of Shel‘s and my different schedules, I’m not live with him in today’s FIR. I did record a segment last night which I hope he manages to include in the show. We had a brief email conversation last night when I arrived at my hotel at Schiphol airport in Amsterdam (transit stop en route here), and it appears Shel’s had a pretty nightmarish travel experience in Canada over the past few days. No doubt there’ll be a commentary soon at Road Weary.

Meanwhile, I’m sitting in the NorthWest Airlines lounge at Detroit airport enjoying the free wifi along with a pretty tasty cup of coffee as I reflect on my own experiences with two global organizations, leaders and major influencers in their individual fields, and the challenges and opportunities confronting them as they begin to really think about the multiple roles for social media and their own communication strategies.

More later. Just time to publish this post, shut down, grab a duty free and head to the gate.

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