The M&S iSuit (don’t let Apple know you call it that)

M&S iSuitMarks and Spencer has a long-standing reputation for making good clothes at affordable prices.

Men’s suits, for instance. I have one of their sharp Italian-design suits that I bought in 1999. I don’t wear suits that often, perhaps one reason why its still looks good and has lasted so long. Best of all, it still fits!

Now M&S has a next-generation suit, what the Daily Mail has dubbed the iSuit.

According to the Mail on Friday, the Marks & Spencer iPod suit has a smart-fabric control pad for the MP3 player sewn into the left lapel, allowing the wearer to adjust the level of sound and to skip through tracks.

The Mail’s pic at left shows how it all works.

While I couldn’t find any mention of this suit on M&S’ website, the Mail says that the suit is going into nine stores, and costs £90 for the jacket and £59 for the trousers. It is, unsurprisingly, dry-clean only.

Whether M&S call it ‘the iPod suit’ or whether that’s the Daily Mail’s description for it, I think it’s inevitable it will be called the ‘iSuit’ by consumers (as the Mail’s article headline calls it as does my post’s title).

What Apple might think of this naming convention probably isn’t hard to guess – it’s doubtful they’ll like it (look at what happened to Ann Summers, for instance).

But what an opportunity to connect with iPod lovers who need a new suit :)

Neville Hobson

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