A very social week

A whirlwind week so far in London, filled with speaking at conferences.

On Tuesday, it was Delivering The New PR 2.0 at the Marriott Regents Park. Around 60 participants. A quieter lot than I’ve seen at previous DTNPR events, although the final Q&A session with all the presenters was quite lively.

Andy Wake at organizer Don’t Panic Projects has a good write up including a couple of pics, with links to a few other commentaries about the event.

I saw a few familiar faces – including Simon Wakeman, David Phillips and Steve Mallison-Jones – but just too little time to chat with everyone.

We did an impromptu podcast discussion during the lunch break with about 15 or so of the participants. Interesting to hear their thoughts about social media and PR. Added that one to my list of pending podcasts to produce (two IABC ConferenceCasts and one FIR Interview), and hope to get them all posted during this weekend.

Yesterday was Engagement and Social Media at the Hilton in London Docklands (although south of the river – is that really Docklands?) where Shel Holtz and I gave an afternoon workshop on podcasting. That included the participants recording a podcast; we’ll have that up soon as an FIR podcast.

I had the great pleasure to finally meet Mark Ragan. Time to chat and I hope to do more of that during the next few days. And it was terrific to meet up with Shel again. We don’t do this often enough (well, geography is the spoiler with five time zones separating us).

Back into town again today as Shel and I will be recording today’s edition of FIR live from the conference. Then some great social networking this evening with lots of communicators at an IABC UK Chapter event. Back to the conference again tomorrow afternoon for the social media forum panel discussion.

That’s plenty for this week!

Neville Hobson

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