Passengers get a raw deal – even BA staff agree

BA planesI don’t enjoy air travel much these days, especially from Heathrow. Nightmare travel to the airport and an awful experience when you get there. Rip-off prices for parking and just about anything else.

The actual air travel experience sometimes isn’t much better, especially on short-haul flights around Europe.

Packed planes, congested airports and when you travel in economy/coach, the food tends to be yuk unless it’s just a packet of crisps and a coffee.

And all this for a ticket that costs an arm and a leg. I won’t travel Business class because I believe that the price of the ticket bears absolutely no relation to what you actually get for your money.

Not good value, to put it simply.

If passengers like me feel the travel experience is not pleasant at all, and you view air travel as a necessary and expensive evil rather than something to enjoy or at least look forward to a bit, I sometimes wonder what airline employees think about it all.

In the case of British Airways, there’s news that airline staff don’t think much of it either according to the results of an employee survey:

British Airways (BA) has confirmed that a staff survey has revealed that less than half its workers think the airline offers passengers value for money.

The study in this week’s edition of the carrier’s staff newspaper found that only 49% agreed that travellers got a good deal for their ticket price.

It also found that only 31% of employees were satisfied that they have the tools to do a good job.

[…] While the staff survey was published this week, it was conducted back in March. The study also revealed that just 34% of workers were satisfied with the way their departments were led and managed.

I’ll bear all this in mind when I check in for my next BA flight. That’s coming up in a week or so. Oh, dear…

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