BBC broadcasts TV show within Second Life

The Money Programme will be the first BBC Television programme broadcast in virtual online world Second Life, according to a BBC press release last week:

[…] Reporter Max Flint and his spiky-haired alter-ego, MP Masala, travel deep into cyberspace to meet its virtual entrepreneurs, and find out how real fortunes are made.

The programme will explore two different examples of these virtual worlds.

First, places such as Second Life, which attempts to recreate the real world, with real trading and real money changing hands, but which is free to enter. Multi-nationals like Reebok, Nissan and Calvin Klein are also getting in on the act and making real money selling “virtual” products in Second Life.

Secondly, Massively Multiplayer Online Games (MMORPG) which charge monthly subscriptions to participants, like World of Warcraft which has more than eight million paying members.

Both Second Life and MMORPGs are proof that there are real fortunes to be made in cyber space.

[…] But virtual riches bring virtual crime, and the programme will also look at how the industry is responding to MMORPG players who illegally trade items for real money.

The show will be on BBC2 this Friday June 1 at 7.00pm UK time. In Second Life, visit developer Rivers Run Red’s island on June 1 at 7.00pm, 8.00pm or 9.00pm UK time.

(Via Second Life Insider)

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