Sunday morning snips with the rain

Bank Holiday weekend and it’s raining.

Traditionally, that’s just typical English weather that comes along whenever there’s any kind of holiday. But what’s really typical about the weather these days when climate change is a phrase that’s front of mind?

It’s the sort of day which I usually see as the perfect time to be snug in my office working on things, ignoring the inclement views outside.

Not today, though. Today we’ll be braving the ugly stuff and travelling into town to the Star Wars exhibition at County Hall in central London. For that, I don’t care what the weather’s like!

As I’m toying with trying out Leo’s 10 benefits of rising early and how to do it, I’ve been up early today, earlier than usual. As a night owl, it’s rare that I’m in bed much before midnight. Trouble is, I still tend to get up early anyway. Racking up that sleep debt. Need to change that.

Anyway, it’s been a great start to today as I’ve caught up with quite a bit of seriously-neglected email and managed to review a bunch of the RSS feeds that I just don’t get much time to do these days.

Via Olivier Tripet, news that Reuters CEO Tom Glocer has started a blog. What’s perhaps of most interests about this is that Reuters has been in the news with it being acquired by Thomson which produced a personal-looking entry in the blog by Glocer.

Hard to tell, though, when this blog actually did start. Looks like sometime last November so maybe it’s not really news itself.

One of my favourite conversation pieces is talking about print versus online. I read just about everything on my computer screen – I don’t buy newspapers except on a Saturday – as a) I prefer it and b) it’s the future already.

Interesting views from Doc Searls on why print is better than online: “Design matters. Form factor matters. Physicality matters. Paper is paper. Pixels aren’t ink.”

Well, not for me. Content matters most and I don’t really care about the physicality for my day-to-day reading. RSS is king here!

Although Amanda Chapel tends to piss off everyone I know in the PR community – and has gone really over the top in the past – I do get a kick from some of her/his satirical stuff on Strumpette like this acerbic post on blogola. Especially the comments. It all goes well with my second cup of coffee.

Via Mike Manuel, news that PR doesn’t work according to Dave McClure. Some PRs undoubtedly will scoff. Don’t. Pay attention. Add Dave’s post to your delicious favourites and use that as your personal checklist to do something about it. Quite a few truths here.

Looking out of my office window, I can see it’s still raining. Who cares? I’m off to Star Wars!

Neville Hobson

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  1. Armin

    Yep, it’s pouring it down here in Swindon this morning as well. Looks like it’s getting slightly brighter now though. Hope that it eases up a bit so that I can get out for my morning run (rising early benefit #6) without getting soaked soon.

    Should have gone north, judging from the webcams it’s sunny on Islay at the moment.

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