WordPress 2.2 released

A few weeks late but it’s now available – version 2.2 of the WordPress blog platform. This version includes many new features and over two hundred bug fixes.

If you’re running any previous version, the time is now to upgrade. I’m still running version 2.0.10 which will continue to be supported by the developers. But some of the cool things you can do, as well as some of the new plugins available (notably WordPress stats), require version 2.1 or higher.

So biting the bullet time is fast approaching.

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Neville Hobson

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  1. Michal Karaman

    WordPress 2.2 je venku…

    Nejlepší CMS WordPress již pokoročil k verzi 2.2, kterou můžete stahovat ze serveru WordPress.org.

    Mezi hlavní novinky patří:

    Nová verze Atomu (1.0)
    Widgets jsou nyní podporovány přímo jádrem WordPressu
    Ochrana pÅ™ed aktivováním poÅ¡…

  2. Tom Keefe

    You earlier said that you had trouble with a WordPress plug-in related to using WordPress for podcasts. Is that issue resolved with this latest release? (I believe that the issue was with the plugin, not WordPress, but I wonder if you would have the same issue resurface by moving to WordPress 2.2.)

  3. neville

    Yes, I’m wondering about that too, Tom. What I’ll likely do is test it on my sandbox blog first when I upgrade that to 2.2, see what happens.

    I can’t imagine that the PodPress folks haven’t fixed the problem by now but you never know.

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