Dancing the virtual night away

What a blast! A great party last night at the Coca-Cola Virtual Thirst pavilion in Second Life.

Organized by my crayon colleague CC Chapman (aka Cleon Goff), the event featured MoShang Zhao live from Taiwan playing his unique Chinese Chill music, streamed into the venue.

That got everyone dancing almost non-stop, me (aka Jangles Junot) included.


Dancing in Second Life is actually pretty easy when you have the right gestures. These are little scripts that control your avatar’s expressions and movements. Things like dancing, for instance.

I started off using a couple of dance gestures I picked up a year ago when the BBC had a big event in Second Life. But I soon switched to the terrific scripts available at last night’s events. Really rockin’ stuff!

CC has posted some more great pics at Flickr.

The two-hour session was the latest in a series of concerts in Second Life that are part of Coke’s Virtual Thirst contest. (Disclosure: I’m part of the crayon team working with Coke on this project.)

The contest – submitting ideas for creating a virtual Coke experience – is attracting some great ideas. Coke has made the prize even more attractive with half a million Linden dollars (about 1,860 real American dollars) now on the table for the contest winner.

I think, though, the contest is more about imagining something that can be created in a virtual world where the only limit is, in fact, your imagination. It’s not really about the money, although that’s nice to have.

The closing date for entries is May 25, so still time if you want to imagine.

Meanwhile, keep an eye on Virtual Thirst at MySpace for the date of the next concert at the Coke pavilion.

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