Neville Hobson

Lacking the blogging kool-aid

This has been one of those weeks where it’s been hard to pay attention to much other than some pretty focused work.

We talk about the ‘attention economy‘ and giving partial attention to many different things. Well, I’ve not had much success at attention-splitting so far this week.

No time for blogging, not even much twittering. I’ve not joined in some of the conversations to posts on this blog. And don’t even mention email.

I don’t know about you but it’s also been a mood thing. I’ve not actually had much desire to write anything. I have about a dozen topics highlighted in a FeedDemon news bin that I’ve been wanting to post some commentary about, yet I’ve not.

Some of these topics are great for commentary and opinion. Jeff Jarvis’ account of his meeting with Dell bloggers, for instance. Dave Sifry’s latest state of the blogosphere (or Live Web, as it’s now being called), published today. A map of brands in Second Life. Plenty more, too.

Perhaps a mood swing might occur by the weekend. Oh, wait, I’m planning Windows Vista upgrades. Plus mow the lawn :)

Anyone care to share some of that blogging kool-aid? I think I need a refresh.

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