Power 150 Marketing Blogs list goes international

Power 150In January, Todd And published the Power 150 Top Marketing Blogs, a ranked listing of marketing blogs in the US.

While a ranked list of such US blogs is useful, I always felt it would be great to see a list that was a bit more international.

Now there is such a list as the Power 150 now includes any English-language blog about marketing, wherever the blogger is based.

Being included is not a matter of emailing Todd and asking him. What gives this list significant credibility is that each ranking is arrived at via a proprietary multimetric algorithm of Todd’s combining Google page rank, the number of Bloglines subscribers, Technorati ranking, plus Todd’s own subjective opinion.

(The only metric I’d question is Bloglines. That RSS service seems to be in steep decline as others – notably Google Reader – come to the fore.)

In any event, this is a great resource, made more so by the fluidity of the overall ranking which updates itself daily rather than relying on Todd’s manual processes. The automated updating is the result of neat work by TechBrew, and you can read their case study on how the Power 150 updating system works.

Again, nice work, Todd!

(Via Kami Huyse)

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  1. Simon Wakeman

    New RSS feed for UK top marketing blogs…

    The Todd And list of top marketing blogs lists 17 UK-based marketing blogs, including this one. I’ve created an RSS feed that aggregates content from all these blogs.

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