Thresher wine discount version 2

Thresher2Hugh’s doing it again – 40 percent discount off any still wine purchased from Thresher‘s in the UK from today until the end of the month.

The first Thresher discount offer last December generated incredible buzz throughout the blogosphere and into mainstream media.

That first offer clearly was an experiment in viral marketing. Successful, though, as Hugh says it generated £15 million of sales for Thresher.

This time, there’s some Stormhoek wine branding on the coupon. I wonder whether there will be any in-store advertising or promotion about the offer. Probably not if the availability of the discount coupon is only via blogs or by being emailed around.

If you use your coupon before Sunday, you can gain an additional price advantage as wine prices will go up by 5p a bottle as part of the package of tax increases announced in the Budget yesterday.

Download the coupon here (PDF).

Neville Hobson

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