A Second Life makeover

It really does feel and look weird when your hair disappears and reappears at random, and your efforts to fix the problem just make it worse.

Talk about a bad hair day!

That’s virtual hair I’m talking about – the hair that adorns my avatar in Second Life. I have no idea what went on during the weekend but, after spending a good hour on Saturday with appearance editing, I could not fix the problem at all. Now I know why some people with serious avatar-creating skills are in big demand in the virtual world. (For a DIY approach, see this concise but helpful post in Second Life Insider.)

The end result was a really weirder-looking Jangles Junot (my Second Life ID). Luckily I’d fiddled around with a copy of my digital self so it was easy to delete that and not be left looking like someone you really wouldn’t want to speak to.

New hair and a different wardrobe gave me the solution I needed and so Jangles Junot has now morphed into version 2 (the ‘after’ in the pic).

The hair is an off-the-shelf model I purchased from D2TK, the fashion store run by Tatoo Korvin and Dana Dana. It uses the latest Second Life flexi prims to make more realistic life-like hair.

The shades and other clothing I’ve acquired before but just didn’t have the right appearance to carry them off.

I think this result looks fine although I seem to have picked up a stronger suntan along the way. Maybe the black hair accentuates the skin tone. Or maybe my fiddling had this consequence.

In any event, there it is. So what do you think of my new “aging rocker” look?

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