Business blogs sell emotions

Last week, I was interviewed for an article on business blogs in Europe in IFG Online, the web presence of the Istituto “Carlo De Martino” per la Formazione al Giornalismo in Milan, Italy.

That interview has been posted.

How’s your Italian?

IFG Online | Hobson: i blog aziendali vendono emozioni

Neville Hobson

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  1. Sallie Goetsch (rhymes with "sketch")

    Good enough to read this–with a dictionary. (I’m out of practice; not much of my work calls for foreign languages these days.) It always does amuse me how the flow of Italian comes to a screeching halt whenever a foreign word like “blog” appears.

    So did they interview you in Italian, or in English? I remembered that you were fluent in Spanish and good in Dutch, but not that you spoke Italian.

    Amusing point about the Mediterranean love of talking. I didn’t notice that the English disliked talking–they just don’t talk about *themselves* as much.

  2. neville

    Me too, Armin, especially the Scots. Or should that be Scotch?

    The interview was in English, Sallie. It always impresses me when I encounter anyone from a European country whose command and use of the English language is often better than some native speakers I know.

    Speaking Spanish is a big help in understanding other Romance languages such as Italian. Not every word nor the complete syntax but more than enough to get the gist of a text.

    I also ran the published interview through Babelfish, and the resulting text in English of course had me splitting my sides!

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