Anything good to say about Windows Vista and Office 2007?

I haven’t yet upgraded to Windows Vista or Microsoft Office 2007. Still running Windows XP and Office Pro 2003 with every patch and update that’s been released. I do plan to upgrade.

However, the negative experiences of some people give me a bit of a pause for thought.

One experience that’s being widely commented on is from Jason Busch talking about his nightmare:

[…] Having spent approximately 25 of my last 40 waking hours trying to get Vista and Office 2007 to perform at the level of my previous operating system and desktop environment, I can honestly say that it’s an absolute travesty that Microsoft would have released such a half-baked product, having put billions into its development.

Then there’s Tim Anderson’s post about Office 2007, specifically to do with the new Outlook, and this comment in particular:

[…] I’m also disappointed that, for all the talk of user experience, the new Outlook does not slow down gracefully. You know the kind of thing: you start the application and an unresponsive, semi-painted window appears for a while. You click to change folders and the application appears to hang. You click to drop-down a menu and the application freezes for several seconds. Isn’t this the kind of thing that background threads are meant to help with?

I have that kind of behaviour already with Outlook 2003, especially working with Exchange Server, so don’t want it again with the 2007 version.

And Chris Pirillo is going back to Windows XP:

[…] I’ll give Vista a second chance when the first service pack is released later this year, but until then…

I’m hard pressed to find some positive commentary to match these negative ones (although there are some good comments in Jason’s post). I’m not looking for in-depth formal reviews, just opinions from real-world users.

Surely someone has something good to say on their experiences with Vista and Office 2007?

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