Bugfixes for latest WordPress

If you upgraded to or installed the new WordPress version 2.1 that was released last month, you’ll be interested in a major bugfix released today:

[…] Version 2.1.1 includes about 30 bug fixes, mostly minor things around encoding, XML-RPC, the object cache, and HTML code. It’s available for immediate download on our download page.

Not only that, WordPress has released a security patch for version 2.0.7 to upgrade it to version 2.0.9:

Version 2.0.9 only includes the security update, which was around the code we use to prevent XSS. […] As a reminder, we’ve committed to proving security updates to 2.0 through 2010, but all new features and development are going into the newer branch, which is at this time 2.1.

An easy way to upgrade either version is to install just the changed files. Ajay D’Souza makes it easy. I expect Paul Woodhouse will have an interest in this :)

I haven’t yet made the jump to 2.1 on this blog (but I did on my sandbox) as I’m still dithering about the K2 theme. There’s also the issue for me re Dreamhost and PHP. Although this blog hasn’t fallen over so far, I really must find time soon to upgrade.

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