On the way home

Sitting at gate E35 in Atlanta airport, waiting for my Delta flight to Gatwick.

It’s been a heck of a near two weeks on the road in the USA. Atlanta most of last week. New York over the weekend and into this week. Then down to Birmingham, Alabama, for a different client assignment.

My first visit to Birmingham. Didn’t see much beyond the hotel, highways and the client’s office – plus be there during a tornado warning – so I hope to get an opportunity for a return trip where I’ll be able to explore a little more.

Very little time this week to spend on the blog. Just logged in for the first time in a few days to see 7 comments in the moderation queue (I’ve approved 5 of them) and 279 spams zapped by Akismet. What would we do without Akismet!

I’ve met so many tremendous people on this trip. I wish I could talk about who I’ve met and what I’ve been up to, but I can’t. Except things like the Atlanta geek dinner and the New York City lunch. Already blogged about those :)

I’ll likely post a little bit more about the trip when I get a minute after return to the UK. Plus respond to comments. Now I need to quickly record a contribution for today’s edition of FIR and get that to Shel, who’s also travelling, and who’s producing today’s show. I wonder what kind of show it will be.

So more later, probably not before the weekend.

Neville Hobson

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