PHP issues and WordPress

Whenever I’ve logged in to this blog’s WordPress dashboard during the past few days, I’ve been greeted with two error messages across the top of the screen.

This one –

XML-RPC Error:-32300:transport error – HTTP status code was not 200

Or this one –

XML-RPC Error:-32300:transport error – could not open socket: 110 Connection timed out

A Google search on either term throws up some articles, although not enough to help me understand what the error means or what’s causing it.

Email to my hosting service Dreamhost‘s support hasn’t yet produced a meaningful answer.

Then I read a post from Thursday on the Dreamhost Status blog that started with this:

Many of you have noticed that in the last 24 hours that your Mediawiki, WordPress, or Zen Cart install was not working inexplicably. Customers may have found either internal server errors or completely blank pages. This is due to a problem we had with a PHP5/Zend Optimizer upgrade.

I experienced completely blank pages on the blog earlier in the week.

And another post late Thursday on the Dreamhost status blog included this:

[…] We have re-scheduled the php5 upgrade for February 19th. Here is a list of software that will be affected by this upgrade and steps for you to take to insure that your site is not affected by this upgrade. […] – WordPress versions under 2.1. Any version of wordpress under 2.1 will have problems after the upgrade to php 5.2.

I’ve added the bold emphasis as I’m still running WordPress 2.0.7 here, not yet upgraded to the latest version 2.1.

This blog uses PHP version 5.1.2. It looks like I need to either upgrade to WordPress 2.1 or downgrade PHP to version 4 before the 19th. Upgrading WordPress makes far better sense, especially as the latest PHP version is a major stability and security enhancement. But still being on the road and travelling during the coming week means that I can’t see it happening before that date.

I hope the blog doesn’t fall over.

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