Get 150 marketing blogs in one go

Last month, Todd And published the Power 150, a listing of the top 150 marketing blogs in the US.

While some have criticized the list because of its US centricity – I can think of a good half dozen marketing blogs in Europe and Asia that ought to be in such a list – the Power 150 is a useful resource.

What makes this list one worth giving your attention to is that each blog is ranked according to aggregated analysis based on Google page rank, Technorati ranking, the number of RSS feed subscribers via Bloglines, plus a bit of Todd’s own secret measurement sauce.

The only niggle I have is that all the blogs included are described as marketing blogs, yet include a number that are 100% to do with advertising or public relations and not much about marketing. If you take out those blogs to leave the ‘pure’ marketing ones, some of the rankings would then make more sense to me.

(We could get into a discussion on how to define marketing – for the record: PR is not a subservient part of marketing – so weigh in in the comments if you wish.)

The Power 150 has just become more useful:

[…] the Power 150 is [now] a living, breathing list and a much more resourceful tool. You can search and subscribe by keyword, browse the combined ‘River of News’ feed, or openly explore feed-to-feed. The “subscribe to your search” feature is ultra-slick in that you can grab the RSS URL for your custom search and instantly see when your keyword is mentioned by blogs in the Power 150.

While I found the Grazr-powered search very slow when I tried it, the ability to subscribe to a single RSS feed covering 150 such blogs is a real boon.

Nice work, Todd.