On the road in the USA

atlantaflagsGreetings from Atlanta, USA!

I arrived late yesterday in the A-Town after a 9-hour direct flight from Gatwick. I’ll be here for the coming week on client business.

Although I’ve travelled through Atlanta quite a few times before, this is the first time I’ve actually stayed in the city rather than only getting to know the airport.

I flew Delta and it was a pleasant travel experience.  A 767 with the plane only half full and a coach-class seat by the emergency exit so plenty of leg room. No one sitting in front of me so no reclining seat nightmare.

By the way, I watched a terrific in-flight move I thoroughly recommend – Flags of Our Fathers, Clint Eastwood’s latest work as director. A wonderful story around that iconic American image of the raising of the US flag at Iwo Jima in World War 2.

Staying at the Four Seasons downtown. Great room (here’s a pic from my outside balcony) with that all-important thing – great net connectivity.

Today’s a big sports day here in the US, as I’ve been constantly hearing since I arrived here – the Superbowl. Although rugby is more my cup of tea, so to speak – the Six Nations Championship is now underway – I shall be experiencing this American football extravaganza via TV later today.

So, here for the coming week means erratic blogging for a while. Posting times might look a bit odd as this blog is set to GMT but I’m now on Eastern time, or GMT minus 5 hours. Shel will also be here (plus JosephCC and Aaron) and that means we’ll be recording the next two episodes of FIR together, live and face to face.

We’re also thinking about a geek dinner while we’re all here. If you’re in Atlanta or nearby and fancy a get together, let me know. Thinking about Wednesday.

More later.

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  1. neville

    Well thanks, Clarence, much appreciated. I’ve already begun to experience that excellent Southern Hospitality.

    Phil, note that we’re doing a geek dinner on Wed at the VVV you recommended.

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