WordPress choices

wplogoIf you run WordPress as your blog platform, you have some interesting choices at the moment.

Version 2.0.6 was released two weeks ago, and then some bugs were found and a workaround provided. Version 2.0.7 was released a few days ago with those bugs fixed. And version 2.1 – a major new version milestone with lots of changes – is due to be released next week.

Should you upgrade to 2.0.7 if 2.1 is just around the corner? Should you not upgrade at all? Or something else?

The choices seem pretty straightforward to me:

  • If you’re running any version prior to 2.0.6, you should upgrade to 2.0.7. Skip 2.0.6, in other words, and go straight to 2.0.7. Some major security issues and bug fixes were addressed with 2.0.6 (and now 2.0.7) so upgrading is a sensible move.
  • If you already have 2.0.6 installed, only six core files have changed, so making for a very simple upgrade. However, I’d follow the WordPress guidelines and do the full 2.0.6 to 2.0.7 upgrade.

If you live at the bleeding edge, you can download 2.1 Release Candidate 1 (zipfile download) and try it out. Not recommended on any blog other than one you use for experimentation.

Also, if you want to influence what might be included in version 2.2 and subsequent new versions, you can have your say.

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