The fastest way to sieve and digest information

Expat Brit and not-your-average-accountant blogger Dennis Howlett had a guest column in ZDNet yesterday on the state of business application software.

I enjoyed reading Dennis’ post which discussed a wide range of different points incuding attention, Paris Hilton and Larry Ellison.

One paragraph in particular leapt out and grabbed my attention:

[…] it’s time for geeks to give serious attention to business. Social media is one of the best ways I know to kick start that process because discovery of relevant information is often just a mouse click away from any of the shared links an author chooses to include. From there, it is only a matter of following topics of interest through an RSS reader, which in my opinion provides the fastest way to sieve and digest information.

Nice and succinct, Dennis. Good to see communciators and accountants can have the same script!

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