Second Life resources wiki launches

Linda Zimmer, the driving force behind the Business Communicators of Second Life group, has launched the SL Business Communicators Wiki:

[…] The wiki is intended to be a resource for members of the in-world group as well as interested business communicators and marketers. It is in its infancy, makes no claims of comprehensiveness and is very much a work in progress, as time allows.

It may be in its infancy, but Linda has made a terrific start. The wiki already contains useful information including listings of companies and agencies together with teleport locations of their Second Life presences.

The full content list so far:

  • About Second Life
  • Brands with a Second Life Presence
  • Media Brands in Second Life
  • Public Agencies with a Second Life Presence
  • Non-Profts with A Second Life Presence
  • Marketing and Public Relations Agencies with a Second Life Presence
  • Media of Second Life
  • SL Business Communicators Meeting Transcripts
  • Second Life-Related Weblogs
  • Virtual World Developers and Consultants
  • Other Relevant Wikis
  • Resources In Progress

If you’d like to contribute your knowedge to this useful resource, contact Linda.

Related – Kevin Dugan posted a good perspective on Second Life’s Ride on the Hype Cycle, an adaptation of Gartner’s hype cycle. Where would you see SL? Some good discussion in Kevin’s post.

See also Linda’s post on this topic. The attention-grabber in Linda’s commentary:

[…] In my little bubble of the blogosphere and media reading, SL is the hottest thing around. But, the truth is 99.9% of businesses, marketers and communicators have never heard of it, don’t even have virtual worlds on their radar and could see no reason in the universe to start thinking about them if you put it in front of them.

Thought-provoking. I have a similar view for my little bubble although I see the percentage closer to 80%, ie, 20% of the businesses, etc, I talk to do know about Second Life even if they’re not quite sure of its relevance to them.

How do you see it?

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