The international PR blog group

One of the few aggregated RSS feeds I’ve been a long-time subscriber to is Headlines from PR weblogs at Blogdigger.

This list, started by Constantin Basturea way back in 2004, is a great resource if you want to get the content from many PR bloggers from around the world – close to 500 at my last count – all in one go.

It really is international, and I noticed the other day a post in Russian from I wish I spoke Russian so I could understand what the content says. I tried Babelfish, but it gave me error 157 when attempting a translation. Anyway, you know what interesting translation results that tool invariably produces :)

In any event, it’s terrific to have a Russian-language PR blogger in this group. Running on WordPress, too.

Incidentally, a related resource that’s also good (and also started by Constantin) is the PR blogs list on Bloglines.

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