A Christmas blast at crayonville Island

Judging by the mingling and dancing at crayonville Island in Second Life last night, the crayon Christmas party was a huge success.

Late for me (the show began at 1am GMT this morning) but what fun! I estimate there were at least 30 people there, all chatting, dancing and generally having a good time.

Plenty of Christmas fare including roasted chestnuts and champagne. I had a secret supply of Heineken and I noticed others with Guinness, Amstel and other beverages. No wonder I had a hangover this morning :)

We also had a Skypecast going, and that really was hilarious. A dozen or so people on the phone talking, including some very odd folk who happened to drop in. Joseph did a masterful job with the mute button.

Many people wonder what the real benefits are of participating in Second Life. This is one of them – being social. It’s actually a lot like a party in the real world where you meet new people, chat, make connections, dance, have fun.

I grabbed a few screenshots during the party which I’ve uploaded to Flickr. CC took quite a few as well. See all the pics at Flickr.

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