Join our party in Second Life

Here’s a cordial invitation to join the crayon team in Second Life for an evening of Christmas chat and virtual cheer.

Today, December 21, at 5pm PST (or ‘Linden Standard Time’ as many say), 8pm EST and 1am GMT Dec 22, all of us at crayon will be celebrating the holiday with a little party at crayonville Island.

The time might be a bit late if you’re in Europe, but go on… live a little! I’m in the UK but I will be there in the wee hours of tomorrow morning.

Come and say hello. That’s me, Jangles Junot, in the image, the one in the black shirt (no, not the snowman). I’ll probably be wearing a crayon t-shirt tonight.

Getting to the island is easy – if you’re already in Second Life, teleport to 154,142,33. Or use our SLurl – crayonville Island – which will launch you into Second Life and transport you right to our front door.

Hope to see you there later.

[Update @ 12:45] There’s also a crayon Skypecast hosted by my crayon colleague Joseph Jaffe, so everyone will be able to voice-chat as well.

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