Vodafone network problems

I’ve been getting quite a few phone calls today to my mobile phone but I’ve not been able to take any.

Not only that, I can’t log in to my voicemail to pick up the messages that people have left.

A call to Vodafone support early this morning – not from my mobile as I get ‘connection error’ every time I try and make a call – got the confirmation that there are “issues wth the network” that they’re trying to resolve.

As I write this post at 5.30pm, it’s apparent that those issues are still unresolved as I still can’t make or receive calls.

SMS text messaging works as I know from the stream of voicemail notification messages during the day.

So, apologies if you’ve tried to call me today and haven’t got the live me on the phone.

Skype works…

Just saw a BBC News report on this – clearly a major problem affecting a large part of the UK.

Neville Hobson

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  1. Martyn Davies

    Interesting. I was having problems on Thursday with GPRS and the Vodafone portal. They told me then that they had network problems. It must be serious if it’s going on more than 24 hours.

  2. neville

    The network problem was pretty serious, Martyn. I spoke to Vodafone support this morning and got help at the Vodafone store in Reading this afternoon. Only late afternoon that I got connectivity again. The problem was to do with the G3 network, they said. GSM worked fine.

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