New PR blog, new PR network

Two emails from two Canadian PR bloggers with news of new developments in PR blogging.

The first from Eric Eggertson in Saskatchewan, with news that he’s started Common Sense PR for b5media, the fast-growing blog network founded by Canadian serial entrepreneur and author Jeremy Wright:

[…] As the name implies, I try to take some of the mystery out of business communications jargon and methods, while raising the level of understanding between executives and the PR people who help manage corporate reputations.

Added to my RSS subscriptions.

The second from David Jones in Toronto with an invitation to join Public Relations, a network of PR blogs Dave has organized under the new networks service from RSS management company FeedBurner. The service is currently in beta test.

Dave says:

[…] I’m hoping that it’s a tool that will help us publicize our own blogs and those of our colleagues around the world.

I think those are great objectives so I’ve joined. The network currently has 15 members including me.

This is a great example of informal niche networking. The blogs now in the network collectively have over 2,600 subscribers to their RSS feeds. If you want to get all that content at once, this is a good place to go.

If you’re a PR blogger, contact Dave if you’d like to participate in the network. You don’t have to be a Canuck :)

Neville Hobson

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  1. Eric Eggertson

    Thanks for the mention, Neville. Now I have to go add my feed to the PR blog network. I like the idea of having a flow of blog posts mixed together, rather than clicking on my feed reader on individual blogs.

    The problem, of course, is when the number of unread items in any feed gets higher than 100, I start to panic, and end up clearing them out and starting from scratch.

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