Neville Hobson

Developing social media guidelines for PR

It’s good to see that the CIPR, the body representing the public relations profession in the UK, has taken a lead in formally starting a debate about social media and PR.

The CIPR has just published a social media consultation paper and is seeking comment from practitioners:

[…] The Board has agreed that the following paper should now go out to Members and the wider PR community, inviting views. It looks at social media tools such as blogs, wikis and podcasts, and issues arising from their usage. A number of questions are posed throughout the document, and Members are invited to respond specifically to them. Equally, general views would be welcome.

I’ve not studied the doc in any depth yet so I’m not going to comment on specific points for the moment.

But, on first glance, it looks to be a great focal point for some constructive and positive discussion on the opportunities and risks social media present in PR, addressing these topics:

If you’re in the PR business in the UK, it’s worth participating in a public conversation about this if you’re interested in influencing the debate. See CIPR President Tony Bradley’s post for more commentary about it.

Deadline for contributing your views is December 31.

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