A guidebook for Second Life

secondlifeguideOne comment I hear frequently from people wanting to get to know the Second Life virtual world is how complicated it all can seem.

It can seem daunting at times. When I first started exploring Second Life at the beginning of this year, I think it was only after my fifth or sixth visit that I had the courage to leave the Welcome Island!

Then there’s creating your avatar, customizing it, getting your own place if you want to, acquiring things… so much to learn.

Help is now at hand in the form of a new book and CD combination just announced – Second Life: The Official Guide.

From the publisher’s description at Amazon.co.uk:

[…] It explores in detail every aspect of Second Life’s rich and multilayered virtual world, explains how it works, and offers a wealth of information and practical advice for all Second Life residents.

The first part, Getting a Second Life, acquaints potential and new players with the Second Life world. It describes the metaverse’s geography as well as its society, explaining its written and unwritten rules.

The second part, Living a Second Life, deals with the practical and economic aspects of Second Life: creating and customizing an avatar, building objects, scripting, and making money.

The third part of the book, Success in Second Life, discusses ways to enjoy Second Life more. It includes profiles of successful Second Life residents, discusses fascinating in-world events, and examines how some are using Second Life for business, training, and other purposes.

Available in the US on December 6, in the UK on December 14.

Just in time for Christmas :)

(Via Second Life Insider)

Neville Hobson

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  1. Adam Zand

    Hi Neville,
    Interesting development. I also hear “what do I do now” from those looking at joining the fun. Some friends have even been scared off in various states of undress at the always crowded entry point.

    Guesssing the authors are partnering with folks from Linden (thus “Official Guide”), but wonder if the multiple authors (Michael Rymaszewski, Wagner James Au, Mark Wallace, Catherine Winters, Cory Ondrejka, Benjamin Batstone-Cunningham) include those who have been on the site since its infancy, i.e the community. Also wondering how they are going to handle some of the recent controversy about marketers who are entering with no finesse or understanding and pissing off a lot of residents.

    Guess I’ll have to wait until Dec. 6 for these answers or have you seen a preview copy?

  2. neville

    Good questions, Adam. The post on Second Life Insider by Tateru Nino could help answer some of them.

    I haven’t see a preview copy. But I’ll be buying the book once it’s published.

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