Casecamp at crayonville Island

casecamp-secondlifeCaseCamp, a marketing ‘unconference’ open to anyone, is holding it’s first event in Second Life on December 14.

If you’ve not heard of Casecamp before, the concept is simple – it’s a conference where presenters share case studies of their work, with the goal of creating a commons for discussion, learning and networking.

This first Casecamp unconference in the virtual world of Second Life will be hosted by crayon (the new marketing company of which I am a founding principal) in the amphitheatre on crayonville Island. No credit is due to me, though, for this event – that’s the creative work of my colleague CC Chapman together with Bryan Person, Eli Singer and Kate Trgovac.

Here’s the event structure:

  1. You have to present a *case* — no theory. Please keep the self-promotion to a dull roar (nobody’s coming to hear you pitch your company).
  2. A presention is 10 minutes, then the (virtual) clapping starts.
  3. A presentation has 5 slides. For CCSL, all slides will be displayed at once (imagine a series of billboards), so you can’t have crazy builds or reveals.
  4. Show — don’t tell. Often, the best slides are images.
  5. If you have to use words, keep them to under 10 to a slide.
  6. Five (5) minutes of open questions follow each presentation. Q&A will be taken by the moderator via Second Life instant message.
  7. Presenters will need to have an SL avatar and Skype; ideally, you will have used them both before CCSL.

The event kicks off at 9pm Eastern time on December 14. As that’s 2am GMT on December 15, I’ll probably not be there, unfortunately. Don’t let that stop you being there, though!

Details on how to participate at Casecamp.

Neville Hobson

Social Strategist, Communicator, Writer, and Podcaster with a curiosity for tech and how people use it. Believer in an Internet for everyone. Early adopter (and leaver) and experimenter with social media. Occasional test pilot of shiny new objects. Avid tea drinker.

  1. Bryan Person,

    Cheers for the mention, Neville. We’re really looking forward to putting this on.

    We understand that 2am is not the most convenient time for you, and for most of Europe in fact. It’s certainly something we talked about when trying to settle on a time for the event. But as you and Shel noted on this past Monday’s episode of FIR, there’s no way to find a time for an event that works for everyone around the globe.

    We’ll be sure to record an audio track of CaseCamp Second Life, though, Neville, so that you can catch up on what you miss.

  2. Alex Manchester

    Hi Neville,

    never heard of an unconference before and given that I’ll shortly be living on the other side of the world in Australia, it might be interesting to go along (also seeing as Crayonville seems to be the only place I can actually find and I’m sor of stuck there whenever I’ve tried/played/entered SL).

    One thing though, aren’t you risking the wrath by claiming it’s the first unconference in Second Life? Surely someone’s been there and done it already? ;-)


  3. Bryan Person,

    Alex, hoping you can join us for the event!

    I actually don’t believe that *we* on the organizing team have made that first claim. For example, there is RootsCamp, which has been going on since last week in Second Life. Don’t know whether that’s considered an unconference or not.

    I believe it’s the first CaseCamp outside of Canada, though, but that’s about as far as I’m willing to go.

    Bur really, does first, second, or third really matter? I don’t think so. I just want to put on a good event.

  4. neville

    Thanks, Alex, I am being ultra careful using the word ‘first’ these days ;) What I said was this is Casecamp’s first event in SL, which is what it says on the Casecamp website. That can’t upset anyone!

    Whatever it says, I agree, Bryan, that it’s not about firsts, seconds, etc.

    I’ll look forward to listening to the audio recording of this one. And maybe there might be one in the future attuned to Europe times. Pesky time zones!

  5. neville

    I was just glancing through the post again and noticed a glaring omission, which I guess is at the heart of your ‘first’ comment, Alex.

    I missed out the word ‘Casecamp’ in the third paragraph. Now added so it starts like this:

    This first Casecamp unconference in the virtual world of Second Life…

    Now that’s better!

  6. Alex Manchester

    Indeed you did mention in the first para that it was CC’s first event but for some reason, my eyes homed in on the the third para so my mistake.

    And, in light of your additional comment above, it would be still correct, but safer i guess with Casecamp added in the third para. Crazy thing this Second Life and all its baggage…!

    Bryan, I will do my best to brush up on my Second Life navigation. Currently I’m stuck under the Crayon crew’s speed boat…

  7. Bryan Person,

    Alex, if you’re one of the participants in CaseCamp Second Life, we’ll give you a SLurl (Second Life URL) that will teleport you right to the ampitheatre. That should make it nice and easy.

    You’ve already made it to crayon, though, so you’re off to a running — or swimming, in this case — start.

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