Logitech a good choice

I bought a new microphone/headset combo at the weekend – a Logitech USB Headset 250. A good price at PC World with added bonuses: it’s Skype certified, and comes with 60 free SkypeOut minutes plus a month’s free voicemail. Nice additions to my existing Skype account.

It’s the second headset I’ve bought in less than a week. This one, in fact, is a return-and-replacement for the one I bought a few days earlier. That one – a Plantronics Audio 510 USB – appeared to be faulty as every time I used it with Skype, the mute button would turn on by itself. Every time. Useless for my needs.

I’ve always bought Plantronics headsets until now. I have a Plantronics DSP 400 USB headset. It worked great right up until I stepped on the volume controller a few weeks ago. That resulted in sound out of only one headphone. Then I stepped on it again last week. Kaput – no sound at all.

So I’m happy with the Logitech product. Great sound quality with Skype, both for making calls and recording. And no weird self-muting.

While glancing through the Logitech website support pages – as one tends to do when buying a new product – I came across a useful bit of information about improving
the quality of your audio playback
on a Windows PC.

A registry hack and worth doing. Very useful to know.

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