EuroBlog 2007 survey

Last year’s EuroBlog 2006 survey gave an overview of who in the communication profession in Europe is using blogs and for what purpose.

The most interesting result to me was how survey respondents saw the opportunities for and from blogs, with the top result showing PR agencies as wanting to “be cool” through their being seen to adopt leading-edge technology.

I wonder what the results would look like a year later.

A good chance to find out as the EuroBlog 2007 survey was launched on Monday:

If you are a Public Relations or Communications practitioner and working in Europe, please take part in this survey and share your opinion on the impact of weblogs and social software on public relations and communication management. This is a non-for-profit research project by EUPRERA, a community of leading researchers in PR from universities and institutions from more than 30 countries.

This survey inlcudes some great questions on other aspects of social computing, not only about blogs.

The survey is online until November 30. Doing it will take ten minutes or less so it’s easy to add your voice.

Neville Hobson

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