Virtual communication

Linden Lab, the company behind the Second Life virtual world, has been taking quite a bit of heat in recent days over their plans to raise prices for land purchases in Second Life.

Lots of critical commentary. What hits the nail on the head for me is a good post by Caliandris Pendragon writing in Second Life Insider, which includes this:

[…] It seems like a shambles. The blog contradicts the FAQ and vice versa. The blog posting was made after the landrush in the Land Store, so people bought without knowing all the facts. I’m a developer in SL, and a strong supporter of SL, but that won’t stop me from saying when I think they get things wrong, and this has all the hallmarks of a company putting out mixed and contradictory messages because they haven’t got their changed company policy straight.

Yes, it’s all about communication and getting it right.

Virtual world or real world, it’s all the same.

Neville Hobson

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