Are all browsers just betas?

Last week, I commented that I think the release version of Internet Explorer 7 should still be regarded as a beta. I’ll be commenting more on that in today’s episode of the FIR podcast.

But what about Firefox 2, released by Mozilla last week?

Like many other people, I installed the upgrade. Yet it keeps locking up and/or crashing. Each time it does, I click on the little dialog that wants to send an error report to Microsoft.

Each time, I then get a report from Microsoft Online Crash Analysis that says this:

Upgrade for Firefox recommended
Thank you for submitting an error report.
Problem description
An error occurred in your Firefox. Firefox was created by Mozilla Firefox.
A solution is not available for the specific problem you reported; however, Mozilla Firefox has informed Microsoft that a new version of Firefox is available. The new version may not fix the error you reported, but Mozilla Firefox recommends that you install it.

Well, I have installed release version 2 and it hasn’t fixed whatever the error is.

So it’s still beta, then.