Every colour of new marketing

every_colorIf you participated in the launch of crayon in Second Life last Thursday, no doubt you’ll recall the great song that we played in the lead-up to the launch itself and which played after the formal presentations and Q&A session.

And if you listened to the For Immediate Release, Managing The Gray and Across The Sound podcast episodes around October 19, you’ll have heard that same song.

That song is “Every Color” by singer and songwriter Matthew Ebel.

One special thing about the song is that Matthew wrote it for crayon, inspired by the crayon manifesto as my crayon colleague CC Chapman explains in Accident Hash #188.

The song hasn’t yet been included in any album Matthew’s planning. But he has made it available as a podsafe music track so you can listen to it at your leisure.

If you do, pay close attention to Matthew’s lyrics. You’ll get a good sense of what crayon – and new marketing – is about.

(Disclosure: I have blogged about this but in case you don’t know – crayon is the new marketing company I’m now part of alongside founder Joseph Jaffe.)

Neville Hobson

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