The irreverance of Second Life

Well, crayon launched in Second Life at midday US Eastern time today, and it was awesome!

We had a full house of guests. A presentation from crayon founder Joseph Jaffe, q’s and a’s afterwards then good old fashioned socializing.

I always think the social aspect of any gathering, real-word or virtual, is the icing on the cake for any business event, and our launch was no exception.

Here’s part of a great screenshot I took after the formal bits which sums up for me the informality of a virtual community and the irreverance of today’s way of interacting with people, wherever you meet them:

That’s me, Jangles Junot, in the immediate foreground. More launch event photos on Flickr. I have a bunch to upload and I’m sure my fellow crayons will be doing more of the same.

I may post more here in the coming days. Meanwhile, check what others are saying.

So, crayon is now officially open for business. Our Second Life headquarters, crayonville Island, is publicly accessible now. Do check it out and let me know your opinions.

And as this blog isn’t a shill for crayon, let me just point you to more information about crayon where you can discover more and form your own opinions. Of course, if you have questions or comments, then let me know.

For details of the launch, see today’s press release. Check out, too, the social media press release for links to additional content.

I’ll be at my new office during tomorrow if you want to drop in!