Why blogging matters to marketers

Six senior US marketers have posted their thoughts and opinions on why they believe blogging matters to marketers:

[…] Few marketers have embraced blogging, although it supposedly enables a more personal and two-way interaction with the brand. So does blogging matter? All of us are senior marketing executives in established corporations but we also share a common passion for blogging. At the initiation of Eric Kintz at Hewlett-Packard, we decided to all get together to share our thoughts about the opportunities and challenges of this new marketing frontier.

The six are:

  1. David Armano – Creative VP – Digitas – Logic + Emotion
  2. Peter Blackshaw – CMO – Nielsen Buzzmetrics – Consumer Generated Media
  3. David Churbuck – VP Global Web Marketing – Lenovo – Churbuck
  4. Dan Greenfield – VP Corporate Communications – EarthLink – Bernaisesource
  5. Eric Kintz – VP Global Marketing Strategy – Hewlett-Packard – Marketing Excellence
  6. Will Waugh – Senior Director, Communications – ANA – Marketing Maestros

Some great commentary here. If you’re already well into social media, little of this will be new to you. But it will be enormously helpful for anyone who is still trying to understand the role social media can play in the marketing mix.

You can add your opinions, too.

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