Reuters gets with-it in Second Life

If you’re in PR and you’re still not paying attention to Second Life, here’s another reason why you should:


News agency Reuters has just opened a bureau in Second Life.

The Reuters Second Life News Center is headed by Adam Reuters aka Adam Pasick, a veteran tech and media journalist based in London.

The reporter is real but the world he covers isn’t, says the headline of a New York Times feature that includes an interview with Pasick in which he outlines Reuters’ rationale for being there:

[…] The fact that it’s in a virtual world doesn’t change things as much as you’d think,” said Mr. Pasick, 30, a Michigan native based in London. “It’s not any different than when Reuters opens up a bureau in a part of the world that has a fast-growing economy that we weren’t in before. The laws of supply and demand hold true, it has a currency exchange, people open businesses and get paid for goods and services.”

And Reuters CEO Thomas H. Glocer says:

[…] [Reuters] is a very serious, old brand that stands for things and has principles, but that doesn’t take itself so seriously that it wouldn’t play in a gaming space,” Mr. Glocer said. “This appeals to a younger demographic. Even for people who don’t go in and play in Second Life, it shows Reuters has a certain with-it-ness.”

A gaming space? Not really. This is rapidly becoming a major business space.

With-it-ness? Maybe.

[Update @ 21:40 BST] See Reuters own story for more details.

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